In this game Galaxy Protector, I learned a few new things but, there wasn't a lot of things that were different from the last game. Some of the things that I did learn however, were how to use a polygonal collider and triggers to detect collisions from enemy players and the player itself. One of the trickiest things that I needed to figure out was how to keep the player bullets from destroying the player and the enemy bullets from destroying the enemies. It turns out that all that I needed to do was change the layering on the bullets and ships prefabs.

There were also some other smaller things that I learned to do and I will list those here:

  • Music that plays when the player and/or the enemies are destroyed
  • Different music in each of the three scenes
  • Several custom particle systems that include the background in each scene and the thrusters on the player ship
  • Enemies flying into formation

That is everything that I learned to do during the making of this game. This game may have seemed like it would be easy to make however, it was very hard when you had just completed three games before that. But I managed to push through with the right determination and help from those around me.

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