In the making of this very basic number guessing game, Number God, I learned a number of new game systems that were required for me to finish this game. Some of these include scripting a button to go from one scene to another, how to get a random number from between a set of numbers and various other things.

This game is all about trying to keep the computer from guessing the number you are thinking of. You can pick a number from anywhere between 0 and 1000. Once you have selected your number click start and see if you are able to out smart the Number God. There will be updates coming to this game adding in new game modes and other things. If you have any ideas on what I should add in please comment bellow and I'll do my best to add your ideas in!

I would like to also talk about one of the hardest things that I had to over come while making this game. Because this game has multiple scenes, you can't just simply add in music that will play through each scene. Because of what happens when you change scenes, the audio source is deleted. So I had to write some code on how to keep the audio source from deleting through the scenes. Once I had figured that out I realized that I had another problem. Whenever I when back to the start scene, it would create a second audio source because it didn't know better. So then I was stuck with the problem of figuring out how to delete one of the audio sources with out messing up the audio that was previously playing.

In conclusion, this game is one that shows a lot of the basics that are needed for creating games. It teaches everything, from how to create a button to keeping music playing constantly through several scenes. This was a very informative game and I am extremely glad that I got the chance to make it. I will be taking all of the skills that I have learned here and used them in all of my up coming games including Block Breaker that will be coming soon!

Made withUnity


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This is an awesome reflection and a really fun game! Keep up the good work.