A text-based adventure game made using unity 5.4.1f1. It is about Harambe and how he has become the overlord of the world. There are two endings to the game. If you would like to know those two ways I guess your going to have to play it to find out!

In the making of this game I learned how to code a state machine and how to add music to play in the background of the game. I created custom titles for each state using textcraft.net. This was a very simple game. I think that this is a cool and fun first game.

The main thing that I took away from this game was how to take the basic idea of one thing and turn it into another. This was originally supposed to be a prison escape game that I took and turned into something that was a little more complicated then a really basic escape game. I would highly recommend this game for anyone who is trying to learn how to make games. You can find more information on this game at Udemy.com!

Made withUnity
TagsText based


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i like this game it makes me fell like the game is real

This game was very interesting to play. I think that it could be better if there were illustrations to go with the text so that there wouldn't be just writing to look at. I like how there was music to go with the game. also it could be better if there was only two keys to press so you dont have to look at the keyboard every single time.

Great game!